The primary vision of Ysell is to help startup businesses grow sustainably. 

According to Lagos Business School, a large number of SMEs fail to achieve maturity, and a number of them eventually die, with an estimated ratio given at five in ten per year. The ripple effect of this is the significant unemployment rate in the country. We are committed to changing this narrative, it will take a while, but we need to start somewhere, and we are happy to bring you in as we start this journey. 

In our first release, while we are not limited these 3 features, we rolled out with 3 essential activities in every business

  1. Selling 
  2. Invoicing  
  3. Performance evaluation

Ysell’s “Sales” feature allows you to create, track and categorize your orders based on payment status. Now you can easily follow up on customers, create a payment plan that can be tracked effectively.

With Ysell “Invoice”, you can share an invoice with your customers multiple times at no cost. Invoice can include order details, payment history, payment account details and even add your company’s logo. 

Every business needs to be evaluated periodically for sustainable growth. With Ysell’s “Performance” dashboard, business owners can now track how well their business is doing, and most importantly make informed decisions. Ysell provides sales performance comparison per day, week and month. 

We are not limited to just Selling, Invoicing and Performance evaluation. We also want to help businesses drive better customer experience. We want to improve the relationship between business owners and their customers. There are lots of future possibilities with Ysell. We have also imagined a Ysell that would help businesses with access to loans, a Ysell that would keep people informed and updated. As long as it is about helping businesses, the possibilities are endless for us.

Do give us a try today, and leave feedback for us at We would love to hear from you. 

Thank you

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